Avon Addict of the Week – ME!!

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So….you can imagine my surprise when I logged onto my computer this morning…..coffee in hand and spotted this:

I stared.  Clutching my cup of coffee.  Really??  Were they referring to me?  I need time to finish my first cup of coffee to decided if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Very Cool!

I have had people dropping to visit all day!

My day got even better!  Just before lunch the courier showed up and my door with my new collection of swag from Avon!  In addition to my t-shirt

I also got another pile of books! See?

Pretty exciting! Not only did I get a Lynsay Sands beach ball and a Jeaniene Frost notepad, but I also got 5 copies of Confessions from an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville, Wicked Road to Hell by Juiana Stone, Kiss of Pride by Sandra Hill and Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson!

Do you see a giveaway in your future?? Stay tuned….I’ll read these as fast as I can and then I’ll pass them on!

I’m enjoying being an Avon Addict!

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