White Lace & Promises by Natasha Blackthorne

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White Lace & Promises by Natasha Blackthorne
ISBN: 978-0-85715-844-4
Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
Source: I received a copy of this book to read and review by the author.


sugarbeat's books romance books romance novel reviews historical contemporary eroticaBook two in the Carte Blanche Series

Beth and Grey’s passionate battle of wills continues…

New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection. But in a time of war and trade disruption, he cannot allow himself to be distracted. He vows to put business above all else in his life, including his bride.

Shocked and hurt by Grey’s distance, Beth wonders whether he truly returns the burning love she feels for him. Beth demands that Grey prove he can truly change once and for all or else she will not start a family with him. But will the dark, sensual secrets she yet keeps repel this arrogant, self-controlled gentleman she has married?


Several months ago I had the opportunity to read the first book in this series – Grey’s Lady.  At that point, Natasha Blackthorne was a new author to me and I was impressed by her ability to weave a story that was super hot, and totally engrossing.  Grey’s Lady tells the beginning of the Grey and Beth’s love story.  What starts as a one-time encounter, ends up with a happily ever after that was tear worthy.  White Lace & Promises continues the story of Grey and Beth’s lives.  Now that the courtship period of their relationship is over, Grey feels that some normalcy has to enter their lives, in other words, he needs to become the ultimate businessman that he was – totally involved in building his domain, and she needs become a society wife to compliment his business enterprises.  This leaves Beth wallowing, trying to figure out what her place should be.  The society wives make it clear that she doesn’t belong,  and Grey is too involved in his business to be any sort of a guide.

Like the first book, this one is pretty hot.  Ms. Blackthorne certainly has the ability to create a story so hot it steams up the glasses!  At the same time, the character development is great.  Even when I didn’t agree with what the characters were doing, they were consistent.  Behavior that made sense in the end proved the consistency of the character development.  Even the nasty characters were a delight to read because they were so real!

I have Alex’s Angel (the next book in the series) loaded onto my nook and I’ll soon have a review ready for it.  If history repeats itself, it will be another excellent read!  Ms. Blackthorne is an author to watch!  She is certainly on my must buy list for future releases.  Give these books a try!

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